CCE 2023 Summer Internship Programme

25 Apr 2023

The Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) at Hughes Hall is pleased to announce its summer internship programme, which offers several exciting opportunities to engage with our programmes and activities.  

The CCE summer Internship programme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students (up to one-year post-completion of undergraduate degree). The programme will include up to seven internship positions, with a focus on conducting desk research in climate governance and law and climate change. 

We are currently recruiting for applications to these positions. The internships will run for the equivalent up to four full-time weeks (up to 150 hours), which can be completed over June to September as applicable for the individual positions. The interns will be based at Hughes Hall but can work remotely. 

To find out more and to apply for an intern position, please click below: 

Law & Climate Change Research Intern 

Legal research interns will be responsible for updating and expanding the Centre for Climate Engagement’s Law and Climate Atlas, which was launched at the end of 2022. The Law and Climate Atlas maps how climate change is relevant to various areas of law, giving legal practitioners, students and researchers an overview of how different legal fields are changing during the net zero transition. This internship will be focussed on the Law and Climate Atlas, with key outputs and tasks including:  

  • Reviewing existing sections to ensure that they remain accurate in light of any recent legal developments, and proposing new amendments or insertions to reflect key legal changes.  
  • Helping to research and draft new sections to expand the Atlas so that it covers more areas of law. 
  • Analysing how different areas of law covered in the Atlas might be relevant to contracts.  

The job description includes links to download the application form and tutor permission form.

Climate Governance Initiative – Chapter Engagement Internship 

The Chapter Engagement team is working to develop a scalable approach in support an ever-growing number of chapters from around the globe. The chapter engagement intern will contribute to this work through desk-based research and event coordination.  The chapter engagement intern will conduct desk-based research, produce summary documents for the chapter engagement manager, and assist with preparations for an event being produced in association with the US chapter of the Initiative.  This internship will be focussed on the chapter engagement, with projects and responsibilities such as:  

  • Assessing which corporations and organisations are represented based on the individuals sitting on Chapter boards and steering committees
  • Supporting the team in preparation for a Climate Governance Initiative event in New York and a visit from the Brazilian Chapter to Cambridge
  • Ad-hoc research needed to support the Chapter Engagement team activities over the summer

The job description includes links to download the application form and tutor permission form.

If you are interested in applying for one of the internship position, please complete the application form associated with the position you are interested in, along with the tutor permission if required, and submit to by midday on 31 May 2023.