About us

The Centre for Climate Engagement plays a unique role in bringing leading academic research to a targeted audience of chairs and non-executive directors to accelerate climate leadership on boards in the private and public sectors.

The Centre is uniquely placed to develop insights drawing on academic expertise from across the University of Cambridge and the wider research community, together with independent expertise from the business sector.

The Centre supports new areas of research particularly relevant for board members with a specific focus on climate law, governance, and organisational change. Our research is carried out directly by postdoctoral researchers, and indirectly via partnerships and collaboration with relevant experts.

Our mission is to encourage academic excellence in climate law, governance and organisational change, and to translate and transfer this knowledge to corporate boards to accelerate the race to net zero emissions and climate resilience.

Our Story

The Centre was launched in 2018

The Centre was set up in 2018 as part of The Bridge initiative at Hughes Hall which leverages the College’s multi-disciplinary perspective, international nature and external focus to bring the research and expertise of its academic community to solve real world problems.

Founders of the Centre, Dr Ron Zimmern and Julie Baddeley, were particularly concerned that boardrooms of listed companies (with few exceptions) were not sufficiently engaged with the climate agenda. Many boards had not given it the priority that it deserves, and some had not discussed it at all.

The Centre was initially set up to provide general guidance and toolkits that might be of assistance to boards and non-executive directors, but explicitly not to provide consultancy services or direct educational activity. This has allowed for successful partnering and collaboration with academics, professional services firms and increasingly, law firms.

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Chapter Zero was launched in 2019 and the Centre became the secretariat for the Climate Governance Initiative in 2020

Chapter Zero was launched in 2019 and became one of the first networks of chairs and non-executive directors supporting increased awareness and understanding of climate change. Working closely with the World Economic Forum, it helped to spur a global movement and in 2020 the Centre became the secretariat for the Climate Governance Initiative. The success of these growing communities has driven a need for expansion and continued focus on the role of the Centre to bridge between academia and the boardroom.

In 2021, Emily Farnworth joined the team to develop the research and knowledge brokering teams, help strengthen links with the University through Cambridge Zero and the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance in additional to supporting growing networks of critical importance to the overall mission of the Centre.

Our Team

Join our team

Job opportunities will be listed below as they become available.

Community Engagement Manager/Senior Community Engagement Manager

An exciting opportunity for an experienced Community Engagement Manager to join the Climate Governance Initiative – a unique and growing global platform to drive climate action in company boardrooms, operating in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. 

The Initiative was established in 2019 by the World Economic Forum, and is currently based at Hughes Hall, a College of the University of Cambridge. Its mission is to help board directors consider the quality of climate governance at the organisations they oversee, and to drive the climate agenda in the boardroom. The Climate Governance Initiative continues to work in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and with a growing number of partners.  The Climate Governance Initiative supports a global network of company board members – Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, and Independent Directors. This network is built on Chapters (32 at present, and growing in number and activity), which are self-organizing and autonomous. Chapters are led by passionate individuals – often company directors themselves – and each has an executive team and a senior board of its own. The Initiative also reaches NEDs who might be outside the Chapter structure, through events and freely available content. All the Chapters, their leaders and promoters, and the NEDs who attend our events, are considered part of the CGI Community.

Staff of the Climate Governance Initiative are currently employed by Hughes Hall.

Job Purpose

As Community Engagement Manager, you will have a portfolio of existing Chapters to manage. You will develop strong relationships with the Chapter leadership teams, and will acquire a sophisticated understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges for each Chapter. You will support Chapters to grow and to mature, and to become authorities in climate governance in their respective countries and regions. You will encourage and enable exchange of knowledge across our growing network.

Since the number of Chapters, Networks, their membership, and their level of maturity is increasing, we anticipate the need for a team of Community Engagement Managers, led by a Senior CEM, whose duties will include both community engagement and team management. We may appoint to the Senior CEM position in this recruitment round, if we find an excellent candidate with the relevant additional skills and experience. Otherwise, we expect to advertise for this team-leadership position in a future recruitment.