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Policy Insight: CCE releases policy briefing following UK General Election

16 Jul 2024

As a knowledge partner for Chapter Zero in the UK, the Centre for Climate Engagement has prepared a briefing for board directors on the new government’s climate policies. The briefing explores some of the Labour Party’s key climate policy commitments according to its 2024 Manifesto and potential implications for corporate boards and net zero transition planning. More →

Expert Briefing: OHCHR Call for Input – Climate Change and the Right to Education for Girls

24 Jun 2024

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recently issued a call for input to prepare a report on how climate change impacts the realization of the right to education for girls. Our response was written by Léa Weimann, a PhD student from the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law and Sofie Surraco from the CCE, with review support provided by the Global Pact Coalition. More →

News: Academy of Social Sciences publishes CCE ‘Empowering Communities’ blog 

13 Jun 2024

The Academy of Social Science (ACSS) has been running an Election 24 project which foregrounds social science perspectives on key policy issues ahead of this year’s UK General Election. This recently featured a blog written by Senior Researcher, Sophy Bristow, on Empowering communities: the importance of local action in the transition to net zero. More →

Press release: Call out for expert collaborators for local net zero project

25 Apr 2024

The Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE), based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, is seeking expert collaborators to contribute to a local net zero project funded by Innovate UK’s Net Zero Living Programme. Experts working in research and industry on… More →

Expert Briefing: Digitalisation and climate risk

05 Mar 2024

This briefing, with Dr Daoping Wang, explores how digital technologies can help to understand and mitigate climate risk. More →

Press release: Cambridge climate centre to create an investment framework to help local authorities to achieve their climate goals

16 Jan 2024

The Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, has announced plans to collaborate with partners across Cambridgeshire on a project to develop a framework supporting local authorities to achieve net zero in a way that aligns with national-level greenhouse gas accounting protocols. The project has been awarded funding under the Innovate UK’s ‘Net Zero Living Programme.’ More →

Policy Insight: the Levelling-up and Regeneration Act 2023

04 Dec 2023

Dr Samuel Ruiz-Tagle, Research By-Fellow at Hughes Hall and Senior Researcher in Law at the Centre for Climate Engagement, worked in partnership with independent cross-party parliamentary group Peers for the Planet to propose amendments to the then Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. These amendments aimed to empower local authorities to deliver climate action.  More →

Video: Professor Robert Eccles on the Politicisation of ESG

10 Nov 2023

The Centre had the honour of hosting Professor Robert Eccles and welcoming over 100 academics, practitioners, and students in attendance for a public lecture on the politicisation of ESG. More →

Expert Briefing: Air pollution, health risks and climate change 

14 Sep 2023

Air pollution is estimated to be responsible for around 28,000 premature deaths in the UK each year. Extreme heat associated with climate change can increase pollution levels and exacerbates the health effects of breathing polluted air. This briefing explores the links between climate change, air pollution and health and the need for a holistic approach to policy development. More →

Expert Briefing: Planning law, levelling-up, and net zero

07 Jul 2023

Policy Briefing by Dr Samuel Ruiz-Tagle on Planning Law, Levelling-up and Net Zero: Empowering planning authorities to combat climate change More →

CCE 2023 Summer Internship Programme

25 Apr 2023

The Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) at Hughes Hall is pleased to announce its summer internship programme, which offers several exciting opportunities to engage with our programmes and activities. More →

The UK Net Zero Review

27 Jan 2023

The Government’s Net Zero Review explains the economic benefits of reaching net zero and recommends key policies that would help the UK meet this goal. This summary outlines these opportunities and recommendations, and how they are relevant to non-executive directors… More →

COP27 Explained by Cambridge experts

28 Nov 2022

In this recent University of Cambridge video that hears from experts about the outcomes of COP27, Emily Farnworth, Director – Centre for Climate Engagement, highlights how our recent Law and Climate Atlas project is helping boards in the UK More →

Why Locally Determined Contributions are integral to achieving national climate commitments

09 Nov 2022

At COP26 in Glasgow, national governments committed to revisit their Nationally Determined Contributions the following year. With COP27 underway, Emily Farnworth, Director of the Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, sets out the opportunity for locally determined climate action to support the national agenda. More →

Locally Determined Contributions

07 Nov 2022

This briefing note aims to explain the role and purpose of locally determined contributions (LDCs) in helping to deliver upon national climate change targets by taking action at a local level. The briefing is aimed at a range of stakeholders who may be involved in developing and delivering LDCs including local and regional authorities, local policymakers, academic and independent experts. More →

Local priorities for investing in resilient and sustainable infrastructure

02 Sep 2022

A recent study by the Cambridge Zero Policy Forum (CZPF) makes clear recommendations to policymakers, organisations and academic experts to enable sustainable and resilient local infrastructure projects. Emily Farnworth, Director of the Centre for Climate Engagement, and Co-Chair of the CZPF, reflects on the importance of a local response to global challenges. More →

IPCC April 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change

04 Apr 2022

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s April 2022 report explains that limiting warming to 1.5C will require global emissions to peak before 2025 and that many pathways to 2C of warming will also require this, but this will not happen under current policies. The world needs to take drastic action to maintain a stable, liveable climate. This summary highlights the main points in the IPCC report, and what it means for non-executive directors. More →

IPCC February 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

20 Feb 2022

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report concludes that the impacts of climate change are severe, but that humanity can still avoid many of them if it seizes “a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity”. This summary highlights the main points in the IPCC report, and what it means for non-executive directors More →

Greenhouse Gas Removal Briefing Paper

20 Dec 2021

It is possible to capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and store them in various natural or artificial reservoirs. This briefing examines the removal solutions available, their market readiness, options for application, and key considerations for business and policy. More →

COP26 Briefing

22 Nov 2021

This briefing summarises the key climate trends and announcements of most importance for non-executive directors and industry leaders reflecting on the UN COP26 negotiations and related events in Glasgow from 31 October – 13 November 2021. More →

Business climate action in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

18 Nov 2021

Insights from a panel discussion on 29th October 2021, co-hosted by the Centre for Climate Engagement and the Institute of Directors (IoD) East of England to raise awareness amongst local business leaders of recommendations within the first full report from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Commission on Climate (CPICC). More →

UK Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener

05 Nov 2021

This summary highlights the main points in the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy, and what it means for non-executive directors. More →