Climate Disclosure

Blog: Organisational change and climate action  

19 Dec 2022

Corporate climate action is increasingly regarded as critical for the future success of organisations. However, the actions taken by most organisations fall short in genuinely changing how their behaviours and activities impact the environment. A shift in thinking is necessary in order to move beyond stagnation and to accelerate effective climate action at the organisational level. More →

Navigating the Climate Disclosure Landscape

08 Aug 2022

This explainer, alongside our interactive microsite, provides an overview of the evolving and interconnected landscape of climate targets, reporting frameworks, standards and metrics, for non-executive directors (NEDs). More →

COP26 Briefing

22 Nov 2021

This briefing summarises the key climate trends and announcements of most importance for non-executive directors and industry leaders reflecting on the UN COP26 negotiations and related events in Glasgow from 31 October – 13 November 2021. More →