Summary Report: Navigating the landscape of climate law and regulation

10 Jul 2024

‘Navigating the landscape of climate law and regulation: A briefing for boards’ is a new report co-authored by Chapter Zero, Freshfields and the Centre for Climate Engagement, mapping the landscape of legal risks and opportunities for companies as they navigate the net zero transition. 

This report follows an event series where non-executive directors heard key insights on pressing climate-related legal issues from legal experts, and discussed how these issues apply to their own businesses. Launched at a live event during London Climate Week 2024, the report covers the key factors for boards to consider in organisational climate strategy. It is divided into five concise sections, providing a thorough overview of climate law relevant to board directors.

By reading this report, directors will be better equipped to lead informed discussions with their boards. They will gain strategic insights on adapting to regulatory challenges, mitigating litigation risks, and leveraging climate law for improved decision-making in investments and transactions. 

This report was written in collaboration with Freshfields and Chapter Zero. In 2023/2024, we were delighted to partner with Freshfields and Chapter Zero to run a series of events focused on the intricate legal aspects of transitioning to net zero. You can read a summary report from this event series here:  

Summary report: Legal considerations for the transition to net zero, a series with Freshfields and Chapter Zero