CCE Fireside Chat: Using the law to protect our nature and climate

24 Apr 2023
5:30pm - 7:00pm

POSTPONED – This event has been postponed. A new date will be released as soon as possible. Please continue to book a place at the link below, and we will personally inform you of the new date.

Join us for this Fireside Chat with Jenni Ramos, lawyer at the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative. Jenni will be chatting with Harriet Harthan, Head of Content for CCE, about how the law can help protect nature and the climate.  

Addressing climate change requires new laws and regulations, as well as ensuring that existing law is interpreted and applied in a way that protects the environment. While many new legal frameworks have already emerged in response to the climate crisis, change in this area will accelerate as the challenge becomes increasingly urgent. The law is also rapidly evolving to mitigate nature loss, a distinct problem of a similar scale and with many links to climate change.  

Jenni Ramos’ experience as a climate and sustainability lawyer gives her a unique perspective on how the law can address these existential, intertwined challenges within commercial, corporate and finance frameworks. During this Fireside Chat, she will speak to Emily Farnworth about which legal levers can help us mitigate climate change and protect nature. Tackling these challenges will require a new generation of lawyers who are equipped to deal with environmental problems, and Jenni will also offer advice to students who wish to make sustainability central to their career.